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Anyone knows anything about this artist? :slight_smile: May be some french editors? Reasons i am asking these:

  1. ISN link shows this related people:
    Illians, Ylric
    Nobbs, Karin

  2. Works in PROs assigned to Ricardo Rey (IPIs: 00403706295, 00151408991).

I wasnt able to find connections betwenn artist/composer, so have no clue if its ever the same person or not. May be someone knows something or want to make a little research?

I’d have a good poke around at Discogs: YOGITEA | Discography | Discogs

See if you can find any of the names listed in credits. Or someone else that may be common. Have a look at their albums over there. The artwork is often too small to read, but it looks to have good credits some of the albums.

Try this step too (All Music Link): Nature Atmospheres: 08 - Sur La Greve - Yogitea | Release Credits | AllMusic
Now click on: " Concept, Producer, Text Editor" Jean Patrick Teyssaire Songs, Albums, Reviews, Bio & More | AllMusic

And you find Ylric Illians…

Thanks, @IvanDobsky. ISN link also mentions this name. SACEM credit works directly to Yogitea, while GEMA/CISAC credit them to Ricardo Rey. Probably its an alias of the same person, but i am not sure since there are no any intersections between them.

Looks more like they are working in similar fields on a similar label. Notice on that link I dug up you can see a similar album cover style for Illans.

I have little interest in the financial side of music. So don’t really dig into those alphabet soups. What I do find great with MB is the Relational Database links out to other databases like Discogs and AllMusic. Within a few clicks there you can build up a real picture of who someone is and how they link to others.

That All Music link to Jean Patrick Teyssaire is giving you a list of music they have produced. And I see both Illans and Nobbs on there alongside Yogitea and many others. That would make me think they work on similar projects.

Maybe Yogitea is a collaboration? I notice on the three releases All Music have it is Yogitea credited as the composer.

Try following a few other people who are on those albums. I expect you’ll get more links.

Not sure if they are the same people though. Ricardo Rey seems to come up with different looking albums.