Artist with tons of incorrect information

I just ran into this page, which currently seems kind of like a disaster. I roughly know LEViT∆TE’s discography by memory, and it looks like the person who added these added every track LEViT∆TE has made, as its own single. I’m also seeing some releases that I don’t think even exist, such as There also seem to be labels that should be “no label” instead, and there are 0 sources or track lengths, and there are duplicate recordings. How should this be corrected?

The only way I know, would be to put in an edit to remove each release which isn’t valid. That’s would cause all recordings to become standalone recordings, except those that are also on legitimate releases. Than if there are actual recordings that have 0 sources or track lengths you’d also have to put in an edit to remove recordings as well. Of course if there is any way to merge into legitimate existing singles that’d be preferred, but not possible they should be removed.


I don’t know if “merge rather than delete” is entirely possible in a case like this, but I would be inclined to make sure the legitimate discography is there first, linking all the existing recordings to correct releases before dealing with the incorrect ones.

3 Likes Should this be removed too? Seems like a no label situation to me

If your work on the releases leaves the label without any relationships, it will be deleted automatically.

Incidentally, the release you weren’t sure exists appears on Discogs:

Could it be attributed to the wrong artist?

I have only seen the tracks on that release as EPs on his Bandcamp, and as singles on Spotify, never as an album. It may be like a playlist on his Soundcloud but I don’t know if thats an actual release

Yes, the edit history on Discogs sites soundcloud:

IDK about the legitimacy of that as an release. But it wouldnt be an EP anyway I dont think, like it currently is. Seems more like an album or compilation (as the tracks all released elsewhere first)

Yeah, looks like soundcloud will let you label album vs ep vs single and he’s generally done so.