Artist with no relationships?


Do we care if there are artists in the database who have no relationships except to an official website?



Yes, add some relationships… :grinning:

That looks like a legitimate artist.


Yeah, he looks like an actual artist. I just came across him because I had to add another artist with the same name. I’m not up for adding any other relationships, but maybe someone else is.

I added your link, though. :smiley:


Unrelated, but relevant —
Those are the types of artists that need the music community’s support. Because they are a legitimate artist but based on what they do, there isn’t much to be written.

Artists like Lady Gaga have their own press team, she doesn’t need us collecting and hosting her life’s work because it is already written everywhere.
But who is Stuart Jackson? He’s the guy that, musically, would wipe the floor with Gaga, but there is little written about him because of the type of work he does.


I’ve added a couple of artists myself with only a couple of links, because I fully intended to come back and add Releases and/or Recordings and/or Works and/or Events and/or … for/with/by them, but just never got around to it. If they’re legitimate “actors” in the musical scene, we want them in MusicBrainz, even if we don’t know much about them (yet) – like only knowing their name and their website. It’s still better than not knowing about them at all.


Disambiguations become really helpful here.
eg There are (only) three non-performer Douglas Browns in MB db (discogs might have another 4 +).

They all compose music. Most are producers too. (Genre and labels additions to disambiguations are queued.)