Artist mis-attributions - a dream, a solution

Removing inaccurate artist attributions takes time.
It would be great to find someone who is interested enough in each artist with the knowledge needed to keep the garden clean and tidy.

So that is the dream.

The solution (OK, it’s not a cure-all):
Get the persons most knowledgeable and even most motivated involved.
These being the (living) artist or their most dedicated fans.
(These people are also most likely to be able to provide wikimedia with acceptable photographs that we can then use.)
And perhaps the most difficult artists to get knowledge from internet searches about currently, less well known artists, will be the ones most motivated to raise their public profile by taking stewardship of their MB entries?

rob wrote on another thread;

If events did take off, we’d add more capacity to our servers, for sure. I’d love to have this problem. :slight_smile:

Having the artist or their biggest fan involved on MB in maintaining an artist’s entry would steer things towards rob having this problem with Events.