Artist credit for a track "Performed by xyz" (Leonard Cohen - Live in London)

The release Live in London (Leonard Cohen) has the track “If It Be Your Will” which is credited as “Performed by The Webb Sisters” in the booklet.
Actually the track just has “Leonard Cohen” as track artist.
IMHO the artist credit is not okay; it should (also) have “The Web Sisters” as artist credit.
The track has a (spoken, or partly sung) into by Leonard Cohen.

Hear the track:

Tracks in the booklet can be found at Discogs (The booklet is for a different release, it’s not the same at all but the track list is the same).

How would you do the artist credit for this track?

BTW: Also track 2.01 (“Boogie Street”, YT) should get the featured artist.
Track 2.05 is also not very clear: “w/N.L.” seems to be the artist credit for the keyboard performer (and composer) Neil Larsen.

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I’ll be learning from the replies here of those who edit a lot of pop music.
My initial take is that Leonard and the Webb Sisters are listed as performers for the track/recording on coverart - Leonard by generalisation and the Webb Sisters specifically.

How this interpretation fits with guidelines I don’t know.

You can edit the release then in tracklists tab, you can change the track artist from Leonard Cohen to The Webb Sisters, like on the printed tracklist (by passing Webb Sisters’ artist URL in the track artist field).

Also, to follow the printed tracklist, for the other track, you can press the edit button of the track artist field to open the editor popup and add the N.L. artist after Leonard Cohen and change the join phrase from & to w/ or to with, surrounded by spaces.

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It’s not about operational/technical doing. Since I already entered and changed a few releases and fixed some errors, it’s clear to me how to edit releases/track artists and artist credits. :nerd_face:

The question is about to what it should be changed!
Should I change track artist for 2.10 (“If It Be Your Will”) just to “The Webb Sisters”? Or also include Cohen himself, since he had the intro in this track? And if both: How?

I agree with that.
I added this info (AC: Leonard Cohen / The Webb Sisters) to the recording and I agree with your change on tracklist (The Webb Sisters) as it’s how it’s credited by package:

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