Artist created instrument (STYLE-652)

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This was added recently, and I don’t see any reason not to allow it, but I thought I’d leave it open to discussion for a few days in case someone has any opposition to it:

It’s not a particularly common case (at all), but it sounds to me like interesting info to store nevertheless.


Is this meant for inventors or people who made a specific instrument? I can see a clear case for the former (and implementing it would probably be as easy as adding a new relationship). The latter would be interesting as well (for example famous organ builders), but I don’t really see how that would work in the database, because specific builds of an instrument aren’t MusicBrainz objects.

For inventors of specific instruments (and yeah, it’s supposed to just be a relationship). Now that you mention it, it would be awesome to have a list of Cavaillé-Coll organs, but yeah, that’s harder and out of the scope of this one :slight_smile:

Or possibly ToolBrainz to be broader (and because of the 20 character minimum for posts :wink:).

I’ve added this now. I’m not super happy with “created” because that also sounds like the artisan who made a specific one. Should it be renamed to “invented” or something?

+1 for “invented” (“created” is definitely confusing with instrument maker)


Invent does sound better. Oxford says: “Create or design (something that has not existed before); be the originator of.”
Which sounds exactly like what we want here.

Edit: “Developed” might be a candidate too.

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Renamed to “invented” :slight_smile:

want to chip in with that “invented” sounds better for me too (my apologies as I’m not native english so I used a less better word in my bugpost : ) thank you everyone! \o/)