"Arranged for orchestra" vs. "Orchestrated"

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This is something that I’ve always been doubtful about, so I thought I’d bring it up here since it came up again on this edit. What is the difference between an orchestra arrangement and an orchestration, if any, and what do people think should be used here?

AFAIK, in theory an orchestration (more generally a transcription) is the “exact” conversion of the score for orchestra (resp. another instrument), while an arrangement is a “free” adaptation.
So I think you can’t really decide without listening to both versions or access the scores…

From Wikipedia: “strictly speaking transcriptions are faithful adaptations, whereas arrangements change significant aspects of the original piece”

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aha, the release I mentioned it for http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/czcAAOSwTuJYuxgP/s-l1600.jpg
actually states “transcriptions” in that case. So I suppose those aught to be changed in that case…

Agree with loujin. And yes @CatQuest it should be changed. As a rule of thumb I’d assume we should use “orchestration” in a classical context and “arrangement” (for orchestra) in pop