Are these two works actually the same work?

I recently added works for the album In Cauda Venenum by Opeth. There is an original Swedish version of the album and an English translation. Thus, I made two separate works for each song, one in Swedish and one in English, with the English one being marked as a translation of the Swedish one. The problem is that the first track on the Swedish version, Livets trädgård, and its equivalent on the English version, Garden of Earthly Delights, are actually the same song. There’s no meaningful translation because the song is instrumental with just a short Swedish language sample at the end. How should I handle this? Calling one a translation of the other seems like a stretch.

In this case it is the same work. “Garden of Earthly Delights” should be set as an English alias off Livets trädgård.

Also if this is a pure instrumental work the language should be set to “no lyrics”.


Alright, I’ll do that.

Does the Swedish sample count?

I would guess not (but counting sample as lyric, be it by own right or walkover, carries yummy implication). A similar one:

(N.b. annotation.)
Release title is in Swedish.
Track titles are in English (so as per SG release language is English).
Track 3 title Megiddo is an originally Hebrew name, spelled out the same in English.
No tracks have sung lyrics, neither melodrama (i.e. accompanied speech (if not counting child babbling in one other track)).
Track 3 Megiddo opens with a faded-in sample loop of a reporter speaking in Swedish.


It sounds like the sample isn’t integral to the work - if someone else recorded this instrumental, but omitted the sample, you’d still consider it the same work. In that case I would say the work is instrumental (aka “No lyrics”) and the recording includes a sample (which, if the source were identified as an MB recording, could be linked with a “samples/sampled by” relationship).


There’s an additional problem in that I’m not positive it’s a sample. It could also just be a spoken word passage. Unfortunately, I don’t know how I would find out who performed it and whether it’s sampled or original.