Are the Rules for release date for Release Group and Release documented?

That 1971 date for a CD release is obviously incorrect, as CDs only became available in 1982 or 1983. I don’t think there are any specific guidelines for the release date beyond the page you linked.

There is a Report that lists releases like this I believe.


The 1971 CD date should be blanked. Very much bogus.

The trick to get an “original release date” is go over to Discogs and find an original Vinyl. Then import this vinyl to nail that earliest date. Now Picard has something to work on.


It’s already correct in MB

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Now you’ve sent me on an impossible “name that CD date” mission for the time travelling CD… :laughing:

Maybe I should put it on. I found a copy of this in a box in the street once…

Yes, but looking for some docs to explain this to newbies so it doesn’t happen as much in the future!

If you mean the release date for Blue on CD, my copy matches the 1990 US version.I’ll update MB

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The guidelines are all we have. And then add a nice friendly explanation in your best school teacher voice. We just have to be persuasive.

And if that don’t work, get out a sharp stick and poke them. (Or nip back in a few weeks later and correct it)

I swapped the details on that 1971 CD to 1990 as it seems the best fit for the little data we have when combing Discogs Land. Better than a time travelling date. Ah - just seen your edit to say you also going to do this. What it really needs is a rear cover and disc scan. Do you have one or or shall I borrow from the Discogs library?

Go ahead, I’m playing with my scanner and cropping. Eventually, I ‘ll upload higher resolution

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There is never a rush to do things in this place so I’ll leave the artwork for you to complete in your own time… no point add discogs diddy art if better quality is in the queue…

Meanwhile, the bonus is you have now poked me enough to put my copy on the hifi and scanner… so a 2000 “Digital Remaster” is currently being scanned and uploaded as a new release.

Likely the only thing remastered here is the cheaper booklet… :laughing:

I also took the Flame Thrower of Correction™ to some very bogus looking DiscIDs that were 2 to 4 seconds extra per track attached to four releases…


can you hear the difference? :thinking:

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I can’t “Hear the difference” as I don’t have one to compare with… :laughing:

But I have also spent the last hour lost down the rabbit hole of “What is a HDCD?” and maybe that should let me hear a difference. (If you are about to say “what is HDCD?” we’ll need to start a new thread…)


I am waiting for your changes to go through and the fires to die down before venturing into the area… Please to see you have cleaned up the discids… my non-HDCD was linked to the HDCD release…

Thanks for that… hadn’t noticed reports before!

It seems that MB should prevent releases with a release date that is earlier than the availability of the medium, i.e. CDs (1982) and HDCDs (1995)


Hmm, I was wondering why it was inconsistent with what we allow (some formats do block or at least warn you for impossible dates afaik), but then I remembered it’s probably because some ‘first dates’ were never confirmed:

If you have some time to research first dates that door/thread should still be open!

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Just get your marshmellows out while waiting… but the specific release I only changed that date. So you can easily go change anything else without disruption. (Or I could just cancel that edit to leave a clear run for you)

The DiscIDs were easy as I saw enough validated examples in edit histories to see that they are supposed to be 36:16. The original CD and my “remastered” CD 15 years later is still the same length. The extra 2 and 4 seconds per track stood out. I look at a LOT of DiscIDs.

That has been discussed before, and there is now a warning on the page if you attempt to edit something like that. You would not have been able to edit that page without ticking a box to confirm that you really wanted to enter an impossible date. (This is an old release that pre-dates that warning)

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Interesting, I tried it yesterday and didn’t encounter the warnings. Maybe I didn’t go far enough…will try again.

Keep in mind that some of these “incorrect formats” were chosen due to the correct format not being available, or general mis-understanding (vinyl vs shellac for example)

I tried to fix something from the list that had a discID attached. One edit I fixed the date. Then closed. Then tried to come back and change the CD type in a later edit - but as date was still 1969 it plain refused to let me apply the edit for a 1969 CD.

Set the date to 1988 and tick CD and it is then happy.


Hmm. I did try again…and I did get the warning and it prevented me from adding it…Very good.
(Don’t know what happened yesterday)
There is a nice table of dates in the help, which is the result of the work @aerozol referred to.

However, I was able to add a release for April Fools Day in the year 2801, which is not good.

Maybe release events should be limited to 5 years in advance?


I don’t mind leaving it open - I’m sure there are some releases that are scheduled 100 years ahead! Publicity/art stunt, surely, but technically correct.

In the interests of data quality, I think it should be limited. I picked 5 years because that’s 1 year longer that the frequency of the Olympics and the football world cup