AR don't appear in Picard for one (big) release

I’m trying to tag this release: and for some reason the AR are not saved in the tags. No composer nor performers. I checked both release relationships and track relationships in the options, and it works fine on other releases. Is it because there is too much information to load ? I uninstalled Picard and compiled the latest version (1.4.0dev5) but the problem is still there.

That’s interesting, if one looks at a webservice request for this release, one can see that the result does not contain any relationship for recording or works:

The same request for another, much simpler release, does:

I think there was some server side change that prevents loading the relationships for such a massive release. Can somebody confirm that?

But actually without that change I would have expected the server to fail. We had this come up a couple of times, where the server failed to load a large release with too many relationships and just returned an error. If you got this issue in Picard the only workaround was to disable track relationships (or even release relationships).

Yes, releases with more than 500 recordings are currently blocked from returning relationships:

The request would’ve certainly failed (as in timed out because it would’ve been so slow) without that restriction, unfortunately.


I have seen similar problems with large sets like this. I wonder if it would make sense to update the web services so that we can request only one medium at a time from Picard. It would be a logical way to break it up and some of these releases are gigantic!