API: query like the artist page

I’d like to know how I can make a similar query as the artist page. I want the release groups of an artist, but I’m getting way too many entries. For instance the pink floyd page only has 70-ish entries, but I’m getting like 400 entries via the API. I think this has something to do with official vs bootlegs release groups, but the release-group browse request doesn’t support the status field. So how does the artist page does it?

It doesn’t use the web service. :slight_smile:

One way I found of getting only the official release groups is to use the release browse query with status=official, but it means I have to download all the releases and re-arrange them into release groups. It’s pretty overkill and demands more from the servers. Is there a lean and mean way of getting all the official release groups of an artist? All I need is the release group’s id, title and year and maybe the artist credits.

I don’t think this is possible with the API :frowning:

As I understand it e.g. critiquebrainz suffers from the same restriction. There official release groups and bootlegs are all lumped together.

Maybe have a look at http://tickets.musicbrainz.org and see if it has been reported and open a ticket if not.

Yes, this has come up repeatedly before. One relevant ticket is MBS-8548, which asks for reporting the status.

Well I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s better if I host my own version of the database. Now, is there an easy way of getting the postgres database setup? I’ve followed the install instructions, but that’s for the musicbrainz server, which I don’t want. I just need the schema and the backups.

MBSlave might be what you’re looking for.