API, how to search all artists in a country

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As a noob, I hope to get a push in the right direction. I want to make an api request in a React application to search for all artists in e.g. Germany.

What endpoint and query should I then use?

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If I am not mistaken, the relevant documentation for you should be MusicBrainz API - MusicBrainz for the API and Indexed Search Syntax - MusicBrainz for the search parameters

Something like that should work:

  data => data.json()
  data => data.artists.map(artist => console.log(artist.name, artist.area.name))

Don’t forget to read about API use rules and rate limiting: MusicBrainz API / Rate Limiting - MusicBrainz


Thanks so much! This works for me. How can I make this work to search in multiple countries?

Next filter I want to make is for Genre. I read in the documentation that there are 13 entities. Genre is mention, but when I open the page of the entities (MusicBrainz Entity - MusicBrainz), genre is not mention there. Has it been removed?

I cant find genre in the returned json code either. I do see “tags”. Are tags the way to go, instead of genre?

Using this query, are you just matching the string “Germany”, or are you using the country/region/city … hierarchy (as discussed in another post)?

I guess the easiest is to use OR:

https://musicbrainz.org/ws/2/artist?query=area:Siena OR area:Toscana&limit=100&fmt=json

Yes, there are no specific entities for genres, but some tags are recognized automatically as genres, cf Genre - MusicBrainz and Genre list - MusicBrainz for a list.

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The string (testing on Siena, it seems I get results for both the city and the region). I don’t think you can use area hierarchy in the artist queries, at least I don’t see anything in the source code or the documentation to deal with it.

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No, we never got around to adding it instead. Whoops! I added it now.

But is genre really such an entity?
It seems rather like ISRC or Disc ID:
It does have an URL but no MBID, no edit history, no merge edits, etc.

But to add to this: The Webservice can return the genres separately, use “genres” as an inc parameter

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In my opinion, it’s quite important to introduce this hierarchy to get lists of artists by country, otherwise the information on the area is difficult to manage.

Genre does have an mbid :slight_smile: And will hopefully eventually have URL relationships. But we’re getting off topic, we can start a new thread if needed.