Anyone know who " BSB Boys" are?

Just added this one:

It is on cover and in title credited “AND BSB BOYS”, but I can not find who that is.
I have done some reading, and found out “Sam Pounds” and “J Young MDK” are in fact involved in the production of the song (they are not credited in title/song)

So, who are BSB boys? I have seen it referred to as “The BSB Crew”
Added [unknown] for now.

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Where have you seen BSB Crew?
For the moment, as you have a BSB Boys credit on that release, you should create a new artist (group).

I don’t see why using unknown. :thinking:

Because I don’t know if BSB Boys are a grup or whatever. I know some people call Backstreet Boys “BSB”

It still makes sense to add an artist - it can always be merged (or deleted!) if it turns out that is needed.


From some searching, it sounds like it’s a group and should be added as a new artist.

One of the new songs created especially for the film was “BUD (Mowing Down Vamps).” The piece was created by Jamie Foxx and the BSB Boys, a group of friends in the Entertainment/music industry who are united by their musical abilities as well as being fans of Brown Sugar Bourbon, a brand of flavored whisky that Jamie Foxx is a part owner of. Another member of the BSBs is J Young MDK, a prominent musician and actor from Atlanta. Jamie Foxx has become a friend and professional mentor for J Young MDK, including producing his first LP. has a photo.

I didn’t find J Young MDK in MB, so I added him with various URL relationships: J Young MDK - MusicBrainz. I got a bit carried away and also started adding some of the LPs that I found in his Qobuz discography.

After a BSB Boys group artist is created, member-of relationships can be created to add Jamie Foxx and J Young MDK.

Edit: I’m not sure if Jamie Foxx should be a member of the group, actually – the credit suggests that he shouldn’t be. Maybe the group should be named “Jamie Foxx and BSB Boys”? It might be hard to tell until/unless they’re credited somewhere else.