Any way to fix Multi-Disc Release with good info but swapped Discs? (A Retrospective of House '91 - '96, Volume 4)


did some spring cleaning of my music (messed up by iTunes).
I have rip I did in 1996 of A Retrospective of House '91 - '96, Volume 4, but I do not have the CD anymore (I moved from Singapore to Germany in 2020, and I got rid of tons of physical media)

Now, the information in is quite correct, except that the Disc2 and Disc3 tracks/artists are swapped
e.g. Disc 3 Track 5 is written as being For the the Music by Marascia and Disc 2 Track 5 is written as being Crystal Clear by The Grid, but when I listen to what is AcousticID matched to Disc 3 Track 5, it is in fact Crystal Clear by The Grid (and vice-versa, and same for all the other tracks of Disc 2 and Disc 3

Is there a special way to swap two Discs Metadata / AcousticID?
I probably have gone the wrong way and created another release (

Have you used disposal?

Basically… to swap recordings around and keep their AcoustID

  • Rename the Recording to match the correct AcoustID that is attached.
  • Then move that to link to the correctly named track.

As a normal editor you will get delays of 7 days as this shuffle is happening. A friendly AE can help speed that along.

Are you saying the printed track list is wrong? Stick notes in the annotation to explain those errors. But name the tracks on the track list as you hear them.

If I can follow what you are doing I’ll try and help.

If all else fails, just reapply DiscIDs and resubmit AcoustIDs and it will eventually sort itself out.

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Given away all my 400 CDs and 1200 DVDs (DVDs were for long the only way to get non censored movies)

Hi Ivan

I don’t know if the liner is wrong (I don’t have the liner anymore, I don’t know if the original editor has the liner). So I don’t know if the DiscID is correct…

I can only listen to the tracks on my computer vs what they are AcousticID matched to by MBP and hear that Disc2 and Disc3 are perfectly swapped. I assume that AcousticID is linked to track content, and not to track Metadata, so my ears are a good match to AcoustID

Do I make sense? I apologize if my vocabulary is not correct vs MB
(I can make my Rip available somewhere if if can help)

The hint with the discID is the track length.

And yes, I understand what you mean by Disc2 and Disc3 being a total swap. I have seen that happen before.

Are the track lengths of the CDs correct or also swapped?

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This shocked me most today (how can the metadata « duration » be wrong?)
I will recheck (but it will need to wait until tomorrow)

The Discogs page seems to still have the CDs listed in the same order:

But lots of edit notes with corrections.

On your new version you have made another error. Your CD2 and CD3 are showing the same lengths. One of those must be wrong?

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I will collect all track lengths

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Those AcoustIDs also look a total mess. There is a heap of disabled AcoustIDs… and they were for Volume 3! :laughing:

Yeah, there is certainly a mess here. Could well be that someone did it all in a rush and started mixing up their CDs. Easy to do when they all have 13 tracks.

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