Any use case for deletion?

On an edit discussion I was pointed to the below, which makes a ton of sense. What I don’t come away with is any valid use case for deleting an item.

Is deletion ever the right thing to do, except for something I literally just entered and messed up beyond fixing?


Even in that case it is often possible to still merge it… I just clean up my mess and bit and then merge it into the good one.

I think the only place I hit a Delete is when I find an orphan’d recording with no links to a release but 10 AcoustIDs attached. In that example the AcoustIDs would cause a misleading mess if I tried to merge the recording into something just to preserve a recording MBID. So in that one case I bring out the flame thrower.

And some of those awful messed up DiscIDs that are clearly badly bogus and miles off the release… but that is a separate topic.


The simplest answer are entirely bogus entities, such as spam. We get quite a bit of that because SEO farming bots want to add links to their sites to boost their search engine rankings.