Another "Greasy" question

On the back cover, track 10 is entitled “Alone at the Drive-In-Movie.” On the CD image and the booklet’s last inside page, track 10 is entitled “Alone at a Drive-In Movie.”

The hyphen between “In” and “Movie” is not correct, but that can be removed as a simple correction according to the error-correction style guideline. No confusion there.

But, concerning “the Drive-In” vs. “a Drive-In”: Does the back cover take precedence over the CD and interior page? Or since two places agree, does that win?

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Ah - the fun of typos. Generally the back cover is the main reference. But if you find that “the” is a typo, then you can correct that just like the extra hyphen. Which version do the lyrics use?


It’s an instrumental. Big help there! :slight_smile:

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I did some random google search for lyrics, and it seems to be “I’m all alone at the drive-in movie”

Is there a version with lyrics on there?

I try and stick with rear covers, unless I can see something else shouting it is a typo. This seems to be one for external research in the fan sites. Maybe you’ll just have to put the movie on. :grin:

Edit: that track is a puzzle… so many of the links have the lyrics for Sandy instead.

Edit2: the single is using “A drive-in” Release group “You're the One That I Want” by John Travolta & Olivia Newton‐John - MusicBrainz (Check the artwork on the 1978 versions)

And just to add to the fun, that single needs correcting as it is hard to argue that that should be “the” as it is “a” everywhere.

Edit3: Look at the original USA vinyl. “Alone at A drive-In Movie”.

So, a flip flop from me, but “Final Answer” is “Alone at a Drive-In Movie” as found on the original 1970s versions.


Wow, way to stick with it, man!


Recording edit is made:
Edit #84225313 - MusicBrainz

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