An error to fix, or a question about if a recording counts as itself with an extra intro on one version?

Hey, this should hopefully be easy to fix. When I added a recording for a live track it had a slightly different runtime than the original bootleg release of the concert which I’ve now added to the database. That’s the gist anyway, the track is slightly differentiated with an opening jingle too. But I feel like it could go up as the same recording as the concert section that it’s borrowed from.

But now I can’t edit the runtime on the recording to match the original bootleg, just getting ‘derived from the associated track lengths’ as a message. Can someone edit this recording to be 4:34 long, without changing the track length on the Southland Tales listing?

Or should the additional jingle count it as a different recording in the first place? It’s otherwise the exact same performance. Not sure what that counts as, maybe it’s technically a remix with the addition of a silly intro.

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Yes, such a noticeable different audio means a different MB recording.
You can ideally add disambiguation comments to the 2 recordings (with intro jingle and without intro jingle will do).


Definitely two recordings.

If the jingle was not part of the concert, and so this longer recording is identical in all significant attributes to the shorter one except for the addition of this jingle in editing at a later date, I would additionally link the longer recording as an “edit of” the shorter recording.


I was concerned about Three Days (live) too, but the unreleased soundtrack version has the same time as the recording I credited it as (from the Kettle Whistle compilation). The shorter version from the released soundtrack now has an ‘edit of’ credit pointing to that recording.

Planet Telex (live) now has a new recording on the live album, and the recording on the unreleased soundtrack now has a disambiguation addressing the difference (explained more in the annotation), and an ‘edit of’ listing pointing to that recording as a performance.