Alternative composer credits on a release: possible?

I am working on this Release: Release “Als een nieuw begin van leven” by Abdij Maria Toevlucht Zundert - MusicBrainz

In the booklet, a number of Recordings credit “IWVL” as the Composer or Writer of the Work. This is an alternative form of the Artist “Intermonasteriële Werkgroep voor Liturgie”.

I have created Works for the Recordings. I can specifically credit the “Intermonasteriële Werkgroep voor Liturgie” as the Composer of those Works named “IWVL”, using the “credited as” field.

The problem is that it seems inappropriate to me to use the “IWVL” variant on the Work instead of the Release. It’s the Release that uses the non-standard variant, not the Work itself.

I tried searching the documentation, the forums and the issue tracker, but I couldn’t find an answer.

Could someone explain whether my intuition is correct or not, and if it is, how I am supposed to handle this variant?

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There’s no way to do this, since works are always shared (that’s also true for recordings, for what it’s worth, since they can also be shared by different releases using different wording). I’d generally use the most common wording for recordings, but for works I usually use the most standard name in cases like these (without credits).

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Got it. Thanks @reosarevok!