Alternate Box Arts


So, recently I was at Goodwill and found a signed copy of Garbage’s self titled. I figured it would be a cool album art to add, so that people could have the signed album art on their digital album if they wanted, so I made a scan of it.

Does Musicbrainz have some way to process that? Can I submit an alternate album cover? Or would I have to make a new release just for the signed version?



You can add another front cover and add a description, I think there is nothing wrong with that. I would just make sure it is not the first front cover in the list (which will be used as the default image displayed).

Adding another release to this sounds strange, as it basically would make it a unique release. And if they signed 100 copies, there now would be 100 signed releases in MB :smiley:


That’s what I thought too. It’s hard to understand exactly when to use what and how to use what in Musicbrainz a lot of the time, but I didn’t want to do something dickish/stupid like removing the default album art just to add a signed one.