Alicia Keys, "Songs in A Minor"

I’ve been (slowly) working my way through an old CD collection, adding edits from the booklets and have a copy of the subject line that I can’t seem to find a match for out of the several listings. The catalog ID is “J 20002” on the CD spine and back cover of the booklet, while the barcode is 29580807000. I was a member of Columbia House and I do see in micro writing on the back of the case “Manufactured by Columbia House under license”. Is this a release not tracked in musicbrainz? I did find this release in Discogs with the same barcode:

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Thanks for your edits to MusicBrainz thus far. If the release in question doesn’t seem to be MB, you could add it.


The reason I’m hesitant is because Alicia Keys is a popular artist, so I wasn’t expecting to find this release missing. I was wondering if it’s already there and I’m overlooking something.

it is not the only one on discogs that has no match on music brains so just add it.

I think often people don’t add a club edition if there’s a “close enough” retail version.

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That makes a lot of sense if all other things are equal, which I suspect is the case here. Only the catalog ID and barcode are different. I know I can add a second release label and catalog, but don’t see that option for barcodes or a way to relate a specific barcode to a catalog ID.

I believe the second label/catalog # is only for single releases that are dual-branded, so a new release is the way to go. I generally add a disambiguation like “Columbia House club edition” as that can make it a little easier to distinguish. (Some of the record club releases I’ve seen even have the same catalog # as the retail version, just a different barcode.)

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Thanks for the guidance. I’m adding the new release now. :slight_smile:

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