Alerting users to incorrect titles

Regarding these two recordings:

I have verified by acoustid, length, ear, and lyrics (which include their respective track titles) that they were mislabeled on the original release. I know we prefer to keep the info on the release as written, but is there some way to alert users who are tagging this release that the titles are wrong? Otherwise it seems like the problem will just be perpetuated. Or is this a case where I should fix the release even though it won’t match the cover?

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I’ve seen this many times. Printing errors on the covers showing a bad track list. Gets worse when later releases then correct the details on the cover.

There is no mechanism to tell Picard to pop-up a special message box to tell users to check. (But then many users just blindly take what Picard tells them… which adds to this kind of confusion)

When I see ones like this I fill the Annotation on that Release with details. Fill in lots of notes on the Release pointing at the corrected track names.

It is frustrating as this can get harder and harder to untangle when AcoustIDs are then turning up with the other track name attached.

In these cases I would always put the corrected track name in as track title. Pretty sure that is how the guidelines cover it too - correct clear errors.

As is often the case the guidelines are vague as no mention of track order, but this seems to be covered by Error Correction.


Ok, I went for the correction:

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Once the name correction has completed, I would then take this a step further and merge the recordings on those releases.

It would then lock in that the track is the same on those other releases and make it stand out more if someone tries to “correct” this at a later date.

Edit: haha - just seen the open edits… I realise you are doing this too. :+1:

Ha, yeah. I think I’ve merged just about everything there is to merge for Magna Canta. The only exception is the recordings for Hymn, because I’m waiting for the artist merge with Magna Charta to go through, so I can compare the earlier version of Hymn with the later one.

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