"Album" work?


When I listen to music, I like to listen to the “canonical” album or a particular live performance as a unit. Often releases of studio albums contain bonus tracks that I don’t want to listen to every time I listen to the album. Similarly, live releases sometimes contain multiple performances/concerts/sets, but I want to listen to a single set.

I could deal with this by manually tagging things to get in the order I want, but I hope to write a music player built on the MusicBrainz data model that could support this style of listening. Ideally, I could play a whole release, the “album” from a particular release, etc.

I think I can handle the live performance part using Events. However, I haven’t seen a way that you can represent the “canonical” album directly. What I had in mind was to group the works that are “canonically” in the album as parts of a parent work.

  1. Is this an idea that appeals to anyone else?
  2. Is it something I can do with the existing model? i.e. leave the work type blank or pretend it’s a “song-cycle”
  3. Or is a change to support an “album” work type amenable?

Let me know if I didn’t explain that well.


Would it work to just check for the tracklist of the first official release?


Another option could be to fetch the “shortest” track list of the releases in a given release group (ie., the Release containing the lowest number of Tracks/Recordings).

Edit: And in case of multiple matches on this, it could sort by e.g., oldest or same release country as artist etc.


In general, I think that would work. There may be some cases where the original release contained bonus tracks. But that certainly gets me closer.


Your post reminds me two things that are not 100% what you say but that are related and could interest you…

Yes, I would like having tracksets one day, somehow.

I’m not sure it’s really about works, in my opinion.

You have that Song‐cycle thing I used in my work above.