Album track number not working?

Ok so i know i’ve posted another query recently and i hate to clutter up the board but hopefully it’ll help others (and me :slight_smile:)

So i am not a fan of disc numbers at all and i dont want these in my renaming string. For my existing library i have used tag&rename to continue the numbering of multi disc albums from one disc to the next (e.g. D1 21, 22, 23 continuing to D2 24, 25, 26 etc)

Now i have read the documentation on %_albumtracknumber% but i cant get it to work and i dont think this field is being written at all when i perform a lookup

Tried %albumtracknumber% and %_albumtracknumber% in renaming strings and both give a blank outcome after rename

So what am i doing wrong?

Anyone got any ideas?

Looks like our documentation is wrong and it should actually be %_absolutetracknumber%. Can you try this?

UPDATE; Submitted a request to update the docs, see


Yep that fixed it, %_absolutetracknumber% works like a dream.

You the MAN!


The documentation has been fixed, see:


Sorry to dig this back up again but i had a followup question if you dont mind?

So the above tag variable works very well for file naming conventions but is there a way to reformat the TAGS so that they use the absolutetracknumber rather than conventional number and disc?

I ask because although my collection now looks nice and neat by filenames ive realised KODI doesnt care too much about file names and takes the track number form the tag… result for a 3 CD album is the likes of:

  1. Track name A
  2. Track name B
  3. Track name C
  4. Track name A
  5. Track name B
    and so on

For wife acceptance she needs a straightforward list of numbers encompassing all tracks


I realise that you may want to find a solution to this ASAP, but I think this should also be reported as a bug/feature request upstream at Kodi. Kodi really should be able to read disc numbers (Picard embeds the disc number in the files) and put disc 1 track 10 before disc 7 track 2.

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Try setting this in Options > Advanced >Scripting


Yes that works nicely thankyou @outsidecontext

Before i run my collection through with this can you forsee any issues i may have down the line such as periodically re-validating my collection with picard (to get any updated info) and/or KODI failing to match lookups therefore not able to grab data? Or would this purely effect “cosmetics”

BTW @Freso you can customise KODI to display disk numbers in track titles but that wasnt what i was after. Thanks anyway for your response

No, this should be fine. Once tagged proper matching of the files depends on the MusicBrainz IDs being stored in the tags.

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