Album titles with bullets in them

I just found this album and I’m having an issue regarding bullets.

On MusicBrainz the title is like this:
Killer: The Mercury Years, Volume 1: 1963-1968 [Release “Killer: The Mercury Years, Volume 1: 1963-1968” by Jerry Lee Lewis - MusicBrainz]

But on the sleeve of the CD it is written down like this:
Killer: The Mercury Years, Volume One • 1963–1968 []

Now my question is; which one is right?
Are bullets allowed in titles?



Which one is correct isn’t the issue.

Like most people, I don’t know where they “” key is, therefore I cannot type it.
To get it on my screen, I must copy~and~paste.

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The guideline says “Use a colon (:) to separate any subtitles. If there is an alternative dividing punctuation mark such as the question mark (?) or exclamation point (!), use that mark instead of the colon.” I guess the question is then, “do people consider a dividing punctuation mark?”. I’d say it’s fine to use it if you want, although I’d probably not have bothered and added it with a colon.


I would use · (U+00B7 MIDDLE DOT) instead of (U+2022 BULLET). However, this was shot down fairly recently (edit #63189114), but the disagreement seems to have been with the non-use of a comma rather than the use of an interpunct.

= midpoint (in typography)
= Georgian comma
= Greek middle dot (ano teleia)
• also used as a raised decimal point or to denote multiplication; for multiplication 22C5 ⋅ is preferred
→002E . full stop
→02D9 ̇ dot above
→0387 · greek ano teleia
→16EB ᛫ runic single punctuation
→2022 • bullet
→2024 . one dot leader
→2027 ‧ hyphenation point
→2219 ∙ bullet operator
→22C5 ⋅ dot operator
→2E31 ⸱ word separator middle dot
→2E33 ⸳ raised dot
→30FB ・ katakana middle dot
→A78F ꞏ latin letter sinological dot

C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement; Range: 0080–00FF, The Unicode Standard, Version 14.0 (PDF)

In this case, the front cover doesn’t have any punctuation printed, I would just use a colon but use an interpunct if it was on the cover. Also, note that the guidelines make clear distinctions between series numbering (ends with an alternative punctuation mark) and subtitles (dividing punctuation mark).