Album title wrong. What to do?

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The guidelines for titles does not yet cover the case when an album title seems to be represented wrongly.

I just added this release by Finley Quaye. Notice that the title is “The Best Of”, according to Apple/iTunes Store and deezer, but the cover says “The Best Of The Epic Years” and this title seems to be used everywhere else (according to a Google search).

My guess is that Apple and deezer erroneously omit the “The Epic Years” from the title.

In this case I would still prefer to use the “wrong” title, but then would use the annotation field to explain. Any thoughts?

Btw, is the Bug Tracker also used to suggests edits to the Documentation?

Also btw, it seems that when I add a release, the annotation is not displayed. It is included in the editing history but not shown in the Overview tab of the release. Could this be a bug, or is this intentional and can I expect the annotation to show after voting ends?

Yes, the annotation is also a votable edit ( I just approved this as I think it makes sense to see it in this release under discussion.

About the title I am unsure. There is a reason why MB allows different titles for different releases, and the digital sources consistently list this release as “The Best Of”. But all (Deezer, iTunes, Spotify) also show a cover image that clearly shows “The Best Of The Epic Years”. And I would agree with you that this indicates a mistake and I personally would be in favor of renaming this release accordingly.


I normally follow the cover over the digital shop titles, and I’d suggest doing that here too. Digital shops are sometimes fed pretty mediocre data :confused: