Album tagged with Musicbrainz Picard shows as two albums

Hello all,

I have two albums that I can’t seem to sort out id3 tags. Those two are showing as two albums in various music player (lollypop and in the car)

I tried to tag them several time using Musicbrainz and also with kid3 but nothing works.

Both albums are showing the same issue, the few songs having issues display few times the album name and possibly the song name.

Is there an option to wipe out all the tags or is there a better way to approach it?

Make sure the files all share the same Album Artist, Album title and also MusicBrainz Release ID (I think lollypop considers the MB release ID, but not 100% sure I remember that correctly).


Thank you for your reply - I did check those tags and they are all matching.

I tried to fixed those two for several hours this afternoon. :sob:

Have you tried stripping all the tags out of them first, then re-tagging them?

I tried removing all tags using kid3 then retagfing with Musicbrainz Picard - no luck :cry::cry:

Other things to check would be different years in the date tag or maybe if compilation is set somewhere. Also if this is a Various Artists type of album other rules might apply. Also reindex the database.

If you can’t figure it out I suggest asking the Lollypop developer, he knows best what the software is doing.

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Finally sorted!

So for those who might end up on this thread - I deleted all tags using kid3 and released that those songs that were split had an extra tag version that was causing the split. So I deleted those and then used musicbrainz to tags them all automatically.