Album artist "Layo & Bushwacka!" or "Various Artists"?

This release has been published by “Layo & Bushwacka!”, but the album artist then appears to be “Various Artists”:

Isn’t that wrong? Shouldn’t the album artist be “Layo & Bushwacka!”? If not, why?

I agree with you. DJ-mixes or remixer albums typically list the artist as on the cover. Not the individual tracks/recordings, but the album.


There may be “various artists” as the contents of the CD, but the album is a creation of Layo & Bushwacka!. They are the two artists who chose and mixed this music. And their name is on the cover. In MB eyes that mix changes the Recordings, so it is their release.

A good sanity check on stuff like this is look at those Discogs and Amazon links. They also both credit the DJs producing this mix.


So I corrected it :wink:


thanks for fixing this. I have this on cd and thought that didn’t add up as layo and bushwacha are the original artists who djed the music.

there is a few above & beyond tracks that are similar to this. such as Anjunabeats volume which is various artists. I think if multiple artists like 5 artists djed a cd mix and were added to an album such as trance volume by Amanda music, then in that case it would various artists. but if a dj mix was done by above and beyond then the dj mix album artist would be above and beyond.

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