Album Art not filling in to all tracks in a cluster

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Hello, new user. I’m having an issue with multiple clusters/albums after a successful lookup, the app isn’t embedding the album artwork in all of the tracks. Is there someway to address this? I tried dragging it from one track to another but that didn’t seem to work. Thanks!

Can you be more specific? If you select an individual track of the loaded album, does it show the artwork? If you select the album, does it show the artwork? Or does is it showing the artwork but does not save it to the files? If so, are all the files the same file format? How do you verify it does not get saved?

Please also check whether there is some errors in Help > View Error/Debug Log

Drag and drop artwork from one track to another is indeed not supported. But you can drop files on the artwork box of single track or the entire release.

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