Aggressive "non-album track assignment"

I just updated to 2.6.3, and it seems like a larger percentage of my new scans show up as “non-album tracks.” I have no evidence whether this is a Picard issue or a file issue because these are all new files.

I’m wondering if other people have noticed it, and if there is a way that I can disable “non-album tracks” altogether. I find this particular result a waste of time for me, as I never use this option.

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Picard loading a track as non-album track happens when Picard does not get a release ID and only receives a recording ID. Do you use Scan or Lookup?

If you are using Scan the issue might lie on the AcoustID side. If you use lookup, please check one of the found recordings and whether this really is not available on any release. You can right click on a loaded track and select “Lookup in browser” to get to the release page of the recording.


Thanks! I guess it’s working as it should then. I use Scan and the calculated AcoustID is different from the MusicBrainz entry. If I use “Lookup” it doesn’t find it. If I “Lookup In Browser” it finds exactly what I’m expecting, with a different AcoustID.

I’ll look at my ripping software / setup. It has been a while since I processed my last batch. There may have been a change somewhere in the ripping part of my process.

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