Advice to correctly credit composer(s)

Greetings. This album:

“Tracks 4, 16 and 26 contains themes from God of War by Gerard Marino”
BMI also credits two composers for this tracks.

So should i add a second composer to both tracklist and record-s/works credits or leave as is (single composer), meaning that this is just a works based-on.

i don’t see any harm in adding other composers IF they are credited with the song make sure it is from a reliable source tho

While going through releases i found a situation, thats a quite common.

Film #1 - credited by composer A
Film #2 - credited by composer B

But since films are storylinked or from the same franschise composer B uses in his works themes or tunes from composer A works - often its just a parts from main theme.

As i see musical databases always add composer A to composer B credits (only for those tracks which de facto uses themes).

So how should we implement this in MB? My thought is to add composer A to composer B credits, but on track list leave only composer B as artist, coz track wasnt actually co-composed. Ideally it would be nice to realize this through some relationshup like “based on”, but on pratice it would impossible to do since there is no text information which track uses which theme.