Advanced relationships not picked up by Picard

The following release has advanced relationships which I am trying to assign to the tracks with Picard, version 2.3.1:

111: The Piano: Legendary Recordings

Even if I turn on “use track relationships” in the Metadata section of the options, the advanced relationships are not retrieved. Picard simply does not see them.
Picard perfectly does see them for other releases.

Does anybody have an idea?

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Those huge releases are causing performance problems when querying them via the web service. To mitigate this the MusicBrainz web service currently excludes many details when loading these releases. There is currently no good workaround for this unfortunately.

I could not find details on this behavior, but the loading issues with large releases had been discussed in the following tickets:

I think there was also some forum discussion here, but I can’t find it right now.

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Thank you outsidecontext. This makes sense. Is there another way to query this information other than the web service?
What is weird though is that there are many box sets where retrieving this information works consistently without a hitch.

Weirdly, I have no trouble querying the monstrous complete Bach edition release.

Another topic with the same issue was created:

It appears that Jaikoz is able to deal with this. I could see the advanced relationships, but it then proceeded to generate completely useless tags. I am not sure whether I will pay for Jaikoz, and I cannot work on it any more right now because my license is no longer valid.
Retrieving the tags for one file at a time indeed takes a long time, but there is no problem with that.