Adding widely unknown artists for writing credits

Harri Stojka’s album Gitancœur D’ Europe mainly consists of interpretations of folk songs from various parts of Europe. Not all of the composers are widely known.
One song (from Timișoara/Romania) is credited to ‘Pujo & Bičulo Novakovici’ and I didn’t find anything about them. I don’t know if Pujo is Bičulo’s brother and shares the same name or if they worked as a collective or even if they are male. How should I add them as artists?

(For some tracks I have chosen the special purpose artist ‘[traditional]’ as writing credit. Hopefully that’s the way to do it, ?)

I would add an artist “Pujo” with the disambiguation of ‘possibly “Novakovici” as last name; performed “One song”’ with Type set to Person and “Bičulo Novakovici” with type set to Person (maybe also set their Areas), but not knowing their gender for sure, I wouldn’t set that. “If in doubt, leave it out.” :slight_smile:

If they’re traditional songs or tunes, absolutely.