Adding track lengths automatically from cd or files?

Hello friends, I am a new user. I have a small record label (about 20 releases) and it came to my attention that we were getting a lot of play on an internet radio station but with no information attached. I spent hours trying to figure out how to fix that and arrived here. I entered a few of our releases manually except for the track lengths. Today, I put in a cd to match it and I have the track lengths but can’t figure out how to easily get them into the musicbrainz database. Thanks for any help. Also, are there radio stations that only use Gracenote for tagging? I refuse to put that virus-like itunes on my computer and can’t figure out another way to submit information to Gracenot. Thanks again.

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You can submit the discID from the CD, and it’ll automatically set the durations. We have a guide for that.

I imagine there might be some, but no idea really. We try to avoid Gracenote as much as possible, since we kinda have history.