Adding the South Korean label Afidno?

I want to add the Afidno compilation “The Very Best of Led Zeppelin”, catalog numbers MDRD-194 DRC-353 but Afidno isn’t included in the list.

From what little info is out there, the company seems to have popped up circa 1992, released a bunch of “The Very Best of” compilations on cassette and CD then vanished.

For this one I’ve not been able to find any info on the CD version, just the cassette with catalog number DRC-353 and another number that is nor MDRD-194. The track list printed on the disc is the same as listed on Discogs for the tape. I have the disc and cover insert in a slim case so the back insert is missing.

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It is not a complete surprise the label has not been added. If no one has had a copy of a release to add, it will not have appeared. Unless it was put under a Korean name? But then I would have expected an alias in English to be around.

I notice none of those releases on the Discogs page link back to MusicBrainz. It is a fairly safe bet that you are the first to add one. So just add the label, and then paste in that link to Discogs as a reference. If you can find any other web links for it, they are always good to added.

I selected Music Design Records Co. Ltd since Discogs says it’s connected to Afidno and the CD catalog number starting with MDRD (last D for Distributor?) fits. Just typing in Afidno, it wouldn’t allow the addition to be submitted.

Yeah, you need to just add a label if it is missing. Either from Add at the bottom of the search, or from Add label on the top bar under Editing :slight_smile: