Adding song credits

I am adding an obscure release of a obscure CD. Eight tracks.

Is there an easy way of adding the “Vocals By” etc to all 8 tracks at the same time?

Basically ALL songs on this disk are written, sung by, performed by the same people. It is worth adding them into this disk as these people all now have careers elsewhere so would be a useful link.

I just can’t see how to do a bulk edit. Otherwise I have to go through EACH of the 8 tracks in turn adding Vocals By, Keyboard By, Written By, and so on…

There must be an easier way I am missing.

On the release page, click on ‘Edit Relationships’. Then select all the recordings (there’s a special box at the top of the page for that) and click ‘Batch-add a relationship to recordings’.


@obtext Excellent. Thanks. I knew there had to be a way to do it efficiently.

Had a good look at how it works now. Makes sense. As they say - easy when you know how

Handy thing is this is such an obscure release that it makes it easier for me to learn and experiment with it.