Adding Files/Folder

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Most folders/files are accepted by MusicBrainz and everything runs smoothly.
However with one folder (Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms), the added unclustered files are all marked with a red disc (they are .wav files).
I can cluster them, but can’t move them into the album that MusicBrainz has listed in the right-hand window.
No matter what I do, Save remains greyed out.
I can play the tracks (outside of MusicBrainz), but can’t figure out why the files/tracks are marked Red (in the left hand window).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A red icon indicates a problem loading the files. Please look at Help > View Error/Debug log and paste any output there and provide a screenshot of how Picard’s main window looks like when you load the files.


Most of my files have been rips from my own CDs.
However these problem files I downloaded from the in ihternet as I thought they may have been a better rip than what I could do.

I think the easy way out is to rip the CD as I actually own the CD.
Thanks for the help. :+1: