Adding discogs external links is currently not working

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It says the URL is invalid. I’m sure I’m not using the ‘master’, but the release link, like here

Now, over the course of the last weeks I added about 70 releases, I guess, all of which took the discogs release link, but since yesterday it’s not working here. I’m getting the error:

This URL is not allowed for the selected link type, or is incorrectly formatted.

What page were you trying to add it to? Are you sure it was a release and not the release group?

I can’t make it not work when I try add it to either release :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t know if I tried one or the other, I just know it didn’t work at all when editing the existing entry, but it did when adding “Federgewicht EP” to the same release group.

Anyways, someone added it now, that’s what matters, thank you guys :smiley:

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