Adding DiscIDs when the tracklist has been edited

I edited this release: to add barcode, catalog number, and a few other things, but most importantly to add a missing track. This CD has 19 tracks, but whoever added the release missed the first track, which is just a spoken intro. There has only ever been one pressing of this disc, and both of the related links I added to the release (Discogs and Metal Archives) correctly show the intro track.

So, I added the intro track. But now I can’t add a discID to the release (its first) because the edits need to be approved, which could take months. This has happened to me a number of times, and it’s frustrating that there’s no real way to handle it. I’ve added a huge number of releases, so maybe I’m overestimating how common this is, but it’s come up for me at least a half dozen times in the past couple years. Is there an admin or someone who can just approve my edits? Thanks in advance.

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Unless there are votes it will take exactly 7 days.
See also Introduction to Voting


I often just add a tag as a reminder to myself so I can relax and remember to do a blocked edit later - but DiscID’s are one of the few situations where it is always frustrating because you have the CD there and ready to go.

Definitely worth using this thread if you need something done quick!

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