Adding cover art - sorry for being stupid

I am sorry to ask, but I simply don’t get it.
There’s supposed to be a ‘add cover art’ button.
As mentioned on the page:
But I am completely unable to see any such button.

There’s one named ‘set cover art’
That one yield the following:
“## Set cover art No releases have cover art marked as “Front”, cannot set cover art.”
And a set of tabs named ‘Overview, Aliases, Tags, Details, Edit’.
But no tab named ‘Cover art’.

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There you are at a release group.
You have to click on the correct release in the release group (the one you have the cover art for - so e.g. matching format, barcode and catalogue number) and then go to the cover art tab. There you’ll find the button.


Thank you, I’ve got it done now.
We can close this thread.