Adding Composer Value to Title Value?

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Is it possible to use scripting to do this?

Insert the words after the last space in the composer value and then insert it to the beginning of the title value with a space at the end.

Title: Symphony No. 9
Composer: Ludwig v Beethoven


Title: Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Yes. Try something like the following:

$if(%composer%,$set(title,$rsearch(%composer%,^.*\\s\(\\S+\)\$) %title%))

EDIT: Added missing closing bracket at the end of the line.


Yes it work flawlessly. Thank you so much! I tried to read through the documentation but couldn’t get anywhere.

For those who also need it, it is just missing a ) at the end:

$if(%composer%,$set(title,$rsearch(%composer%,^.*\\s\(\\S+\)\$) %title%))
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