Adding Composer Value to Title Value?

Is it possible to use scripting to do this?

Insert the words after the last space in the composer value and then insert it to the beginning of the title value with a space at the end.

Title: Symphony No. 9
Composer: Ludwig v Beethoven


Title: Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Yes. Try something like the following:

$if(%composer%,$set(title,$rsearch(%composer%,^.*\\s\(\\S+\)\$) %title%))

EDIT: Added missing closing bracket at the end of the line.


Yes it work flawlessly. Thank you so much! I tried to read through the documentation but couldn’t get anywhere.

For those who also need it, it is just missing a ) at the end:

$if(%composer%,$set(title,$rsearch(%composer%,^.*\\s\(\\S+\)\$) %title%))
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