Adding a new compilation problem

This seems to be a Box Set or compilation of two previous release groups. But I don’t know if I should add it as a release under one or both previous release groups, or if it should be its own release group (which I think it should). Here’s the link

And here’s the MB artist page.

You can see the first two CDs they released, then this box set the next year containing both. Any direction would be helpful, thanks.

Definitely should be it’s own release group.

Like this one:

I thought so, but when I add the link from discogs it won’t take it. I guess I’ll try to skip the external link and just add the link in the info section.

*Yep, that worked, thanks.

You can only add a discogs release link to a release, and a discogs ‘master’ link to a release group - could that have been the issue?

The style guidelines support Billy_Yank’s statement:

A release which combines releases from several other release groups into one new release should be a separate release group. This includes box sets and “2 in 1” releases.