Adding a Disc ID to an existing (albeit incomplete) release

I would like to add a disc ID to a release already known to MusicBrainz (
The problem is that although the release group does contain a CD as well as the digital release, only the digital release is shown

In addition, the CD does (just like the digital release) contain a “bonus track” that is strangely not shown by Picard, although VLC lists and plays it without problems.
How should this be handled? I do not want to add the CD a second time, as this would clearly be a duplicate of the existing release.

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The CD release is presumably not shown because it only has 16 tracks but you have a disc ID for 17 tracks. Only releases with matching media will be shown.

The first question is whether or not the CD you have is really the same as the one already in MB and not just a different edition. If it is the same, then the 16-track release is an error and must be corrected before attaching the disc ID. Based on information from what appears to be the matching discogs entry for this release it seems likely that track 17 was just missed when the CD release was created.


@stupidname, who added the release, has Amazon as his source:

The Amazon page only has pictures of the release, and track 17 isn’t shown, so draconx’s reply seems very likely - I would add track 17 :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help! I have now added track 17 (I am sure it is the same CD: identical cover without track 17 being listed, identical EAN and catalogue number).
So far, the release is still listed having only 16 tracks and I do not get a match with Picard. Do I have to wait till the edit will be closed in 6 days?

In addition, I just noticed that not all tracks have the same length on my CD and the release in MB. The duration of my CD corresponds to the information from discogs, while the data in MB might have accidentally been copied from the digital release.
I assume that I can only assign a Disc ID when the track durations match. Should I correct the durations in MB in this case or add a new release? Is there a way to copy a release? I would like to avoid having to enter all the information again, while only the tracklenghts need to be changed.


You have to wait until your Edit #72834141 - Edit medium applies. Which will be 7 days if nobody votes on it but can go much faster if people reading this thread see it.

Update: Applied, should work to add your disc ID now :slight_smile:


Actually the other way around, you should first add the disc ID. Then you can go to the detail page if the newly added disc ID and set the durations from the disc ID. This will give the highest accuracy, it will even set the track length with subscribe precision :wink:


Finally! I have been able to add the disc ID. Thank you all for your help!