Added release not appearing in Picard when I search

As the subject says, I added a release that has proven to be un-findable using Picard’s “Search for similar albums” menu item (I use this constantly!).

This has happened occasionally before, but I’ve always been able to play with the search terms and get the album to come up. No luck this time, and I’ve tried every kind of search term finessing.

The album shows on the web, so it’s there… Here’s the exact album in question. I just need it to show up in Picard! Anyone know why this is happening?


When this is freshly added it takes a while to be available in the search index.

But if you know the exact release you can always load it directly into Picard:

  • You can use the “Lookup in browser” function in Picard, search for the proper release on and use the green tagger button to load it into Picard
  • You can drag and drop the URL to the release into Picard
  • You can copy and paste the URL to the release into the Picard search window and trigger a search.

See also Retrieving Album information — MusicBrainz Picard v2.6.3 documentation

Thanks! I never would have thought to drag the link into Picard, which is what worked, though I did have to drag each song title into the right pane individually.

I’m using Linux, and, in the specific distribution that I use, Picard (for some unresearched reason) does not interface with the web in any way. I’ve tried “Lookup in browser”, and the “Add cluster as release” plugin, and neither does a thing. But ONLY in KDE Neon (my chosen distribution). Every other distro I’ve tried (quite a few…) works fine! Very strange, but not enough of an issue to change to something else for everyday use.

I’m still curious as to why this particular album proves so obstinate for the “Search for similar albums” thing… I had added a few after this one and those showed up right away, as is expected behavior. This one still hasn’t, so thanks for the tip/hack!

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Just wanted to say a quick thanks for making me aware of this function - I have missed it for 10 years it seems :smiley:


Glad to be of some help! I don’t know what I’d do without that feature. My 200,00+ collection is mostly fairly obscure stuff, so “Scan” is a button I almost never use. I discovered the “Search for similar albums” thing and have used it for every album I’ve tagged since. Even the ones I add myself, which has turned out to be quite a few over the years.

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Haha. Me too!!! Never noticed it before.

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