Add tracks to a release


First, I would like to thank the community for their hard work.
After using MusicBrainzs for years now and then, I decided to digitalize my music collection.
This is great to use MusicBrainz tools as I am using GNU/Linux.

In my classica music collection, I added a release “1989 GB” to a release group “Don Giovanni”, URL here

Unfortunately, my release disc 2 has 17 tracks and not 12 like other group members.
I don’t know how this happened as I based my release on the two other groups.

Now I would like to remove disc 2 OR to upgrade track numbers to match 17.
I tried for a while in MusicBrainz interface, in vain (tried to copy and parse).
The track number is never fetched to 17.

How can I proceed?

Got it: tracks should be added together with artists and recordings. Thanks!

Congratulations, you got it fixed !

You can cancel the pending edit as you got this fix through already with another edit. :slight_smile: