Add to MusicBrainz Collection?

I’ve been looking for a GUI application that can quickly add all of my music library to a MusicBrainz Collection. Does Picard have this functionality? It seems like a no-brainer, but I can’t seem to find a way to do it from here.

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Yes, Picard can do this. But it requires that you have first tagged your files properly against MusicBrainz data. So if this is not yet the case it might be not as fast as you had hoped.

If you have tagged your files accordingly the corresponding MusicBrainz releases with the files matched to it will be loaded on the right side. Then you can right click on the releases and check the collections in the Collections menu:

You can do this for multiple releases at once.

If you haven’t used Picard before and want to use it to tag you music library have a look at the Quick Start guide. Important: Always make a backup of your files and start out with one or two albums to get used to how the tool works and to see if the settings are the way you want it to be.


Thank you! I will try this out.