Add the instrument for a solo performer (Standardise Performer plugin)

The Standardise Performer plugin is great.
(thanks @Sophist)

But I noticed one thing that could perhaps be improved upon.

When a track contains e.g. a guitar solo, the plugin will remove the guitar player from the ‘guitar’ role, and create a ‘solo’ entry for him.
But there the instrument is not showing anymore, so you will only see that the person played a solo, but not on what instrument.

It would be great if that could be addressed somehow.

That’s actually a Picard bug, we just merged a fix for it two days ago. Will be in the next release.


That’s great!
Thanks outsidecontext.
(and apologies to Sophist :wink:

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No apology necessary!!!

I agree entirely with your issue, and glad it has been sorted one way or another.


For reference, the Picard issue is PICARD-1162

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