"Add Medium": how to combine two CDs into one for an alternate single disc release?

I have in my collection an alternate release of this: Symphonie Nr. 8 c-moll (Erstfassung).

The only differences between it and the version I own is the catalog number, and that my copy is one CD, whereas the above is two CDs.

I’ve been trying to create an entry for the release I have, but when I add the existing medium it keeps it as two CDs. How do I combine them into one CD?

You’ll have to manually adjust the number of tracks on the medium. (You can add and remove mediums as needed.)

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I tried that.

I first loaded “medium 1” for the original release. Told it to add two tracks. Then attempted to load “medium 2”, and it did it as a second disk. I also tried loading both media from the original release, and adjusting their track counts, but I can’t find how to combine them short of retyping everything.

What are the steps to do what you are describing?

What I was describing was basically retyping (or copying and pasting) everything. I’m not aware of any automated way to do what you want, unfortunately.

Actually you can save a bit of typing or copy’n’paste by using the track parser. Open the destination release for editing in one tab, and the release with the second disc (tracks) that you want to append in another tab. In the second tab, open the track parser and copy the contents to the clipboard. Then go to the first tab, open the track parser, and then paste the clipboard at the end of the existing information. That should add the tracks from the second CD to the first CD.


I add both mediums, then add the appropriate number of blank tracks to medium one, then cut/paste line by line from medium two to medium one, all that is done in one window so no window switching (maybe a little scrolling), then lastly delete medium two.