Add "(Live)" to Title if the Song is a Live Recording?

Hey I’m dumb.

I spent a good while trying to figure out the $in(%album%, Live) and $if combinations to check if an album is live to add (Live) to the end of the song title the way (demo) or (acoustic) get added automatically. Best I could come up with was to make it always add (Live) to all titles or add nothing. Feels like it should be one easy line unless this is even way more over my head than I realize.

Any suggestions?

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You could check if the releasetype is containing live. Try this:

$if($in(%releasetype%,live),$set(title,%title% \(Live\))

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actually, I think _performance_attributes would be better, as you likely wouldn’t get incorrectly tagged tracks, i.e. a studio track or two on a live album or vice versa…

$if($inmulti(%_performance_attributes%,live),$set(title,%title% \(Live\),)

there may be reason to do releasetype tho, as _performance_attributes does rely on works being added to the recordings, and not everyone does that…


I decided to write up a script that may work with both. I will note, this code is untested, as I’m away from my PC at the moment.

$if($in(%title%,\(live\)),,$if2($if(%musicbrainz_workid%,$if($inmulti(%_performance_attributes%,live),$set(title,%title% (Live\),)),$if($in(%releasetype%,live),$set(title,%title% \(Live\))))

it should first check that “(live)” is not already in the title, and if it does, it’ll do nothing. then it’ll check if the recording has a MusicBrainz work linked, and if so it’ll run my first script. if not, it’ll run @outsidecontext’s script. if it finds neither a MusicBrainz work or Live as a secondary release type (per outside’s script), it should do nothing.

lemme know how that works for ya~


Sorry for the late reply and potentially wasting both of your times.

Script needed minor tweaks.

$if($in(%title%,\(live\)),,$if2($if(%musicbrainz_workid%,$if($inmulti(%_performance_attributes%,live),$set(title,%title% \(Live\))),$if($in(%releasetype%,live),$set(title,%title% \(Live\))))))

It does 99% of what I wanted. However, the real issue comes around to the fact that I didn’t notice, despite the callout box, that scripts won’t change the actual tag. So ultimately I guess what I actually need is a Plugin that runs your scripts something akin to the move “Feat. Artist in Titles” one and that is probably beyond the scope of this.

Did I mention I’m dumb?

Thank you for the efforts!

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You must set this script in Options > Scripts, not as a file naming script.


Good looking out. I’m way out of my depth here.