Add DiscID manually?

I’m currently working on a compilation of Verdi operas ( I’m adding the discIDs one by one using ripit on an ArchLinux ( However, for some CDs, ripit recognizes the DiscID as being the one of another release ( which contains the same recordings (a mass merge is pending) but it’s still not the same release. So is there a way to manually add the discID to the compilation since I can’t do it with ripit? More generally, would you recommend a CD ripper that is well compatible with MB?

FTR, that’s the way ripit is dealing with releases and MB:

Checking for a DB entry @

No discid 0Hfd_t5VWHb9Q_FNYMJ22lGTiYc- found at MusicBrainz. Use for submission!

as an example

You can use Picard to “Lookup CD” and use that for submitted DiscIDs, as per

I would absolutely recommend a CD ripper using MB’s data over one that doesn’t! 100%! But these are also the official MusicBrainz forums, so people here might be a bit biased in that question. :wink:

If you mean if we’d recommend a specific ripper, I’m personally (on my off-time, not related to my MetaBrainz employment) slightly involved with whipper which is a fork/successor of morituri (which I was also slightly involved with—R.I.P. rip). The ripping of those is modelled after EAC/Exact Audio Copy, which by many is considered the gold standard of CD ripping tools, and the morituri author’s article “The Art of the Rip”.

Since I’m also using MB a lot, I completely agree. Thanks! I will try it out.

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Yes, I tried picard, but on my archlinux he doesn’t recognize my cd player so this doesn’t work.

Try using the AUR picard-git package. Picard 1.3.2 is 2+ years outdated. 1.4 will be released on February 14th though. See also:

If it still doesn’t work with picard-git, let’s XFUT to a new topic and I’ll try and debug it with you. :slight_smile: (Or you can come join us on IRC!) I’m an Arch user, and several other MB contributors also use Arch.

Tried it out with the new client, but it still doesn’t work. The button for submitting discid is grey, even if the default cd-rom drive for lookups (/dev/sr0) is right.

Just in case, do you have a drop‐down menu with several CD drives (in case like me you have an additional virtual CD player)?

← but it’s a Windows version

Do you have python2-discid installed? For Picard in Arch this is an optional dependency, but it is required for the disc ID functionality.

python2-discid did the job.
Thanks all!

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Just for the record, on opensuse 42.1 it is also only optional.

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