"Add Cluster as Release" doesn't work?

Hey there.

I have installed “Add Cluster as Release” in Picard v1.4.2 on MacOS Sierra, but when I cluster FLAC files together to add them, I see no option to do anything with them. Nothing in the menu, nothing when I right-click.

Quick suggestions to what might not be working here?


Don’t know what’s wrong, but you should see “Plugins” when you right-click.
Do search fully before adding, though. Sometimes Picard can’t match automatically, but the release can still be found in MusicBrainz by searching.

No, I don’t see “plugins” at all, anywhere. Not when I right-click, nor anywhere else in the interface.

Any idea why?

Nope. I’m on Windows. Have you checked that the plugin is installed and ticked in the options->plugins menu?

Oh! It wasn’t ticked!

Such a newbie mistake. :slight_smile: OK, thanks a lot for the help!

Here’s the result: https://musicbrainz.org/release/1089ac05-bbc0-4648-a6be-ca37c5b12d93/


Same here :confused:
After clicking on “Add cluster as release” nothing happends.
Yes, the pluggin is installed and ticked to be used. I’m also logged.
I’m on the 1.4.2 Linux release.
But: I downloaded the windows version, installed it and from there, it works! MusicBrianz Picard open the browser and the adding goes smoothly (and I manage to make my second edit)

What is happening with the linux one? What I could be doing wrong?